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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 4 13:25:02 EDT 2005


Calum Polwart <polc1410 at> writes:

> I have no idea if this the correct place to post this, but I'm doing it
> anyway.  I'm also not subscribed so it'll probably bounce4 and never be read!

No, it'll just stick in the queue until the moderator clears it.

> I've been tring out the check printing facility with a UK cheque book to see
> how it works.  Not surprisingly none of the templates work so I was
> experimenting with custom.  Only to discover that custom settings are lost
> when GnuCASH is restarted...  Please could they be saved (preferably so that
> you could save multiple formats too).

File an Enhancement Request in Bugzilla.  I think there might already
be one on this topic, so you should check before you file a new one.
If you really want to see it happen, though, you should submit a patch.
It's more likely to get you your feature in a timely fashion.

Admittedly the check printing features need to be re-written and
enhanced.  Saving the custom format is one thing.  Saving your
last-chosen setting is another.

Unfortunately, right now it takes modifying scheme, C, and probably
glade to get a new format into the system.  It's not TOO hard but you
do need to make changes in too many places..

> Other thoughts, the cheque i was writing was for 102.85GBP - the text says
> "One hundered two and 85/100".  In the UK at least we would normally write
> this in one of the following ways:
> - One hundered and Two POUNDS and 85p
> - One hundered and Two Pounds and Eighty-Five Pence
> I'm not sure if I gave a shop a cheque written the way it is by Gnu that it
> would be accepted (I know the bank probably would, but what do the users in
> between think?

Well, this is even more challenging...  We would need a per-locale
(well, per currency, more likely) translation mechanism.  Even worse
is trying to translate into different languages!

> The currency of the transaction is known so PLEASE consider adding the pounds
> (or dollars or euros) and perhaps pence and cents?

Everything is considered..  However it should get put into bugzilla so
it doesn't get forgotten.  Add a patch and it might even get into a
release in a timely fashion ;)

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