David Hampton hampton-gnucash at
Tue Jul 5 20:43:34 EDT 2005

I'm having a problem with the new QOF_TYPE_COLLECT that was recently
introduced in the g2 branch.  I'm consistently getting the error

  Error: qof_class_get_parameter(): no object of type collection
  file qofquerycore.c: line 1477 (qof_query_core_to_string):
    assertion `toString' failed

I'm currently getting this error when I open the "Due Bills" dialog, and
one of the fields in the dialog isn't populated.  I suspect the second
error message is related to the first, but haven't investigated it yet. 

Tracking down the first message, I started where the due bills dialog
sets up a search query for invoices, one term of which is the owner of
the invoice, set here.

    param_list = gnc_search_param_prepend (param_list, _("Company"), NULL, type,

The gnc_search_param_prepend() function calls
gnc_search_param_set_param_path(), which determines that an
INVOICE_OWNER is of type QOF_TYPE_COLLECT, tries to look up the
definition of a collection with gncQueryObjectGetParameter, and fails
miserably.  I am able to find where all the other core qof types are
registered with this code in qofquerycore.c, but I can't find anywhere
where the collection type is registered.

Can anyone help me out with this problem?   Thanks.


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