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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 11 20:49:36 EDT 2005

You need to load the business module(s) otherwise the engine has no
idea how to read the business objects in your data file.


wayne at writes:

> I'm trying to get started in understanding the gnucash sources (using v 1.8.9).
> My learning project is an attempt to use guile to simply load a gnucash file:
> (use-modules (gnucash app-utils))
> (use-modules (g-wrapped gw-engine))
> (use-modules (gnucash gnc-module))
> (gnc:module-system-init)
> (define session (gnc:session-new))
> (gnc:session-begin session "/home/wayne/data/gnucash/Caliber" #t #f)
> (gnc:session-load session)
> Everything goes well until the last line, where I get:
> Error: gnc_counter_end_handler: Unknown type: gnc:GncCustomer
> Error: gnc_counter_end_handler: Unknown type: gnc:GncTaxTable
> Error: gnc_counter_end_handler: Unknown type: gnc:GncBillTerm
>   :
>   :
> Any suggestions on this?  On reference documents I should read?
> Wayne
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