langauge bindings [WAS: Re: GnuCash CLI v0.0.1]

Daniel Tudosie dtudosie at
Wed Jul 13 14:33:08 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 13:55 -0400, Josh Sled wrote: 
> > Are Java bindings wanted ? I am willing to implement them but as I
> You're welcome to contribute whatever you like, especially if you're
> willing to support it. :)  Frankly, though, I'd like to see a specific
> use for the bindings before/alongside them; random bindings that aren't
> being used isn't a win.
I totally agree on this one; I just asked because Java was mentioned and
I assumed that Neil has thought of some use for them; but I am also
working in C/C++ and Scheme is not a just strange word ;-) - so I will
contribute to the existing code/implementation (when I will have
something to contribute with)

However, I realize that I was not so clear... I do not want to
reimplement existing logic in another language but providing an
interface would be nice... of course: if there is something meaningfull
to use it for (e.g. a Java binding could be used for web interface either applets 
or servlets, JSP)

> It would be further better to move a lot of the logic, which is tightly
> coupled to the UI, down into a layer just above the current "engine",
> and expose it via an API.
This would be great... I think it was discussed before and the
conclusion was that is not that easy, it needs some serios thought and
engineering to make a more better/robust/etc architecture...
However, a time will come when this should be done 
> ...jsled

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