Gnucash2 Build fails on fedora Core 4

Chris Shoemaker c.shoemaker at
Sun Jul 17 22:52:43 EDT 2005

On Sun, Jul 17, 2005 at 06:18:10PM -0400, David Hampton wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 00:21 +0300, Nikos Charonitakis wrote:
> > gcc4 problem or something missing in mystem?
> New checks added to gcc4.  Use gcc3.x.

Incidentally, I just bought a new laptop and put FC4 on it, so I've
discovered that it is at least possible to build with gcc4 with the
"-Wno-pointer-sign" option to CFLAGS.  I also had to make some changes
related to G_INLINE_FUNC, too, but I'm still sorting out exactly what
was necessary.  I think we were basically abusing the macro, and if it
expands to 'extern inline' *everywhere* (including function
definition) then you end up with an undefined symbol in the .so.  My
current work-around is to remove the macro from function definitions,
but leave it in the declarations.  I haven't verified that the
inlining actually takes place, but at least it links.


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