[Gnucash-changes] Spruce up the delete window dialog to make it more HIG compliant.

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Wed Jul 20 14:28:00 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 20 July 2005 6:10 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> We really should have 
> a single interface that we can call to mark an object/instance as
> dirty.

OK, all I need now is the time to replace every obj->inst.dirty = TRUE with 

void qof_instance_set_dirty(QofInstance* inst)
	QofBook *book;
	QofCollection *coll;
	QofEntity *ent;

	inst->dirty = TRUE;
	ent = inst->entity;
	book = qof_instance_get_book(inst);
	coll = qof_book_get_collection(book, ent->e_type);

Then replace every is_dirty = NULL with
is_dirty = qof_collection_is_dirty

I'm not sure about the time handling as yet.

My TODO list is getting ever longer . . . . 

> That way we can do it in one way and inherit changes, so we 
> don't need to reimplement it in each object.

I think we'd need the is_dirty prototype, no?


Neil Williams

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