[Gnucash-changes] Spruce up the delete window dialog to make it more HIG compliant.

Chris Shoemaker c.shoemaker at cox.net
Wed Jul 20 16:57:34 EDT 2005

On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 04:09:38PM -0400, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Quoting Chris Shoemaker <c.shoemaker at cox.net>:
> > On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 03:49:03PM -0400, David Hampton wrote:
> > > On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 15:03 -0400, Chris Shoemaker wrote:
> > > 
> > > > Incidentally, is this behavior specific to g2?  I've never noticed it
> > > > in 1.x, but I imagine the register code hasn't changed much.
> > > 
> > > It was added in HEAD and pulled into g2.  Derek thinks the blank split
> > > code should be rewritten.  I'm for reverting the change to the
> > > transaction scrubbing code that created the problem.
> > 
> >   Nice to know I'm not imagining things.  The blank split code *is*
> > particularly bad, but I think the effort to fix/rewrite it in the
> > current register is probably 50% of the effort to rewrite the whole
> > register.
> > 
> >   I looked pretty deeply into the register code a couple months ago
> > and I don't remember seeing any relatioship between transaction
> > scrubbing code and the transaction dirtying.  Could you point me
> > toward what you mean?
> xaccTransCommitEdit() calls xaccScrubTrans() which calls a bunch of other
> functions that add the extra splits and dirty the books.
> The problem is that the register creates the blank transaction and blank split
> and then calls xaccTransBeginEdit() and xaccTransCommitEdit() immediately,
> before the user has created any data in the split.  This causes the additional
> split(s) to get created and commited, too, thereby dirtying the book.
> What NEEDS to happen is that the register should call xaccTransBeginEdit() when
> it creates the blank split/trans but _NOT_ call xaccTransCommitEdit() until
> after the user actually enters data into the thing.

I disagree.  Moving the cursor through the register (which creates a
blank split on each Transaction I move through) should not call
xaccTransBeginEdit (and presumably xaccTransRollback) for each
Transaction.  xaccTransBeginEdit should only be called once the user
starts to change data.

> I do NOT believe this is 50% of a register rewrite.  Far from it; I think it's
> maybe a day or two of work for someone who doesn't know the register to move
> that CommitEdit() and make sure the Begin's and Commit's are properly balanced
> in all cases.
> I am fairly confident that this will solve the problem.

If the Rollback doesn't dirty anything, then you may be right, but I
don't think this is the best solution.  However, it may be better than
what's there.


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