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Neil Williams linux at
Thu Jul 21 17:45:28 EDT 2005

On Thursday 21 July 2005 9:59 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Personally, I'd like to see the most amount of code reuse
> without code copying.  Yes, QOF is external and eventually
> we should just use that.  But I do NOT believe that we should
> rip out the core gnucash objects into their own source tree
> build.

Currently, I'm doing that only to create a test bed. I'm thinking more and 
more that this is a temporary stage and the goal should be full inclusion in 
the gnucash source tree.

> They can be their own binary package, but the source 
> should be in one and only one tarball.


> - I'd like to see Cashutil folded into the gnucash source tree.
> - I'd like to see the gnucash source tree "fixed" to handle
>   cashutil.  This may require moving libraries around a bit,
>   or it might not.
> - I'd like to see the "accounting logic" moved out of the GUI
>   and into an intermediate library.  However this should still
>   be part of the gnucash source tree.

Agreed - I'll work from the temporary build to identify the areas that need to 
be in that library.

>   Note that this might be 
>   challenging to do "right", because lots of input verification
>   can be.. challenging..  to do in an abstract way.

Is that the bulk of the "accounting logic" that we are considering for the 
intermediate library?

> - I'd like to see the packaging (RPMS, .debs, etc) fixed to
>   provide multiple packages so someone could install cashutil
>   without installing gnucash-gtk.

> I think this would solve everyone's issue.


> In the short term, is there really a problem installing cashutil and
> gnucash simultaneously from the same source tree?

I don't know is the honest answer. I'm working from this direction because it 
suits my needs for a testbed application for the QSF and QOF_TYPE_COLLECT / 
CHOICE code. I need to concentrate on that use of it initially to make the 
new code ready for G2.

Once I've debugged QSF, then I'll look at how the CLI fits into the gnucash 
source tree and I'll have a list of files and functions that the CLI would 
benefit from being able to access via the intermediate library.


Neil Williams

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