Add gchar* to xmlChar* casting of string constants to eliminate some

Neil Williams linux at
Mon Jul 25 11:05:15 EDT 2005

On Monday 25 July 2005 3:10 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> I think you need to be more proactive about patching GnuCash as well
> as QOF-CVS.

OK, I understand.

> > My apologies if the warnings are annoying during the build but these
> > files are likely to change radically at the next commit. Any patches
> > are very likely to be lost when GnuCash finally comes back into sync
> > with QOF.
> This is BAD.  Please make sure not to "lose patches" that are made in
> the gnucash tree.  Yes, this is an issue with having two trees (or
> worse, three or four).  This is all Linas' fault for pulling QOF out
> before it was "ready".  ;)


If he hadn't, I might not have actually started this whole escapade - GnuCash 
was (is) too daunting as a single unit.

> Seriously, if you're going to work this way you have to collect
> changes and apply them in both directions.  If a change is made in the
> gnucash copy then you'll need to make sure that change isn't lost.

Let me rephrase it:

The code that will be synced will contain the solution to the original problem 
but the code itself is to be reorganised and modified such that the original 
patch would not have worked - but the *effect* of the patch will be retained. 
(In this case because it's already been implemented in one tree.)

So I'm not actually losing the effect of the patch, just re-patching it to fit 
with the new code.

It was also proving difficult to keep up with the frequent patches and 
rebuilds. I'm going to have to change the way I deal with the gnucash CVS. I 
have been using my own CVS repository and importing each checkout into that 
tree along with my own changes. Whilst useful, it is proving too complex to 
keep operating with so many GnuCash changes, especially when I'm not usually 
working within the GnuCash tree myself.


Neil Williams

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