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Wed Jul 6 21:45:48 EDT 2005

Hi Dan -

If your experience in developing under linux is limited, then perhaps
you can develop gnucash in an environment with which you are more
familiar.  Gnucash is not strictly a linux application.  I have had
success building it for Solaris, with most likely far less overall
development experience than you possess.  I have heard that it may
even be buildable in a Windows development environment.

David N. Jafferian
Solaris Kernel and Drivers
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Daniel Tudosie writes:
 > Hi everyone,
 > I have been using gnucash for some time and I am satified for now...
 > furthermore, as I have background in IT development (I have studied
 > Scheme, I am working as dev in C/C++, etc), I am thinking of getting
 > involved in the development of this product...
 > I have been following the user and devel lists for some time for two
 > reasons: I am interested because my (gnu) money are managed through
 > gnucash; I am working in a related field (commercial financial
 > apps/systems).
 > Ofcourse I would like to help in the effort of porting gnucash to gnome2
 > (and b/c I am writing to devel list instead of user list I hope the
 > majority understands the importance of moving gnucash from the tehnical
 > issues of gnome1 to gnome2 - and hoppefully prevent this kind of
 > tech-dependancy situations - to more functional issues) but my
 > experience in developing under linux is some-how limited (and note that
 > I used the term *experience*). 
 > So I am asking (for who wants to answer - and not get the same treatment
 > as the user that started the "giving up on gnucash" thread on user
 > mail-list) what development env. are you using ? (I am using gnome and I
 > have installed Anjuta which I am not familiar with; but I am also a fan
 > of gnu emacs) is there a "dev tips and tricks" section that I haven't
 > found ?
 > For the rest of information (e.g. about specific libraries to be used in
 > develpment) I will either search or ask.
 > So this is just a friendly "Hello world" message to the dev-list (a more
 > friendly mail list I hope :-) ).
 > Best regards,
 > Daniel
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