On Gnucash, G2, and Architecture

Herbert Thoma tma at iis.fhg.de
Tue Jun 7 12:00:52 EDT 2005

Chris Shoemaker wrote:
>>See, I don't think it's of marginal benefit to get g2 into the hands
>>of the users even if it only works as well as 1.8.  Indeed, currently
>>the g2 port does NOT work as well as 1.8!  I think just getting it up
>>to 1.8's level is sufficient to make users happy and extend the life
>>of the project.
> If it only works as well as 1.x, why are users going to be any more
> pleased with g2 than 1.x?  Do you think the average user knows and
> cares what libraries their acct package uses?

Speaking as a user: Yes, I don't care which libs CnuCash depends on.
I have some 5 years of finacial data in my datafile and I want an
application to maintain it. I personally even don't care if GnuCash
is packaged in my distribution because I compile from cvs anyway.

Speaking as a developer: Not only GnuCash bitrots, gnome1 bitrots, too.
Guppi is not part of SUSE and it is annoying to build that myself (And
it gets more complicated with each new version of SUSE ...). Distros
may drop more vital parts of gnome1 or may drop gnome1 alltogether.
I am pretty sure that you won't attract new developers if they have
to build an entire ancient version of gnome first regardless how
nice and clean the architecture is ...

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