gnucash and Mac OS X 10.4

R Hannes Beinert argovela at
Tue Jun 7 21:23:23 EDT 2005

--- Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> Quoting "Kevin T. Broderick" <kbroderick at>:
> > (With that said, having things start up quickly is nice, too, and I'd  
> > obviously be interested in other ideas to speed up the process.)
> Fix gnucash's half-done modularization effort.  Instead of "gnucash" being a
> guile script, "gnucash" should be a C Application that loads a limited set of
> shared-object modules.  The modularlization effort, while nice in theory for
> each core bit of functionality to be individually usable as both shared
> libraries and modules, is flawed in execution.  I suspect that the slowness is
> due to a poor interaction between gnucash's confusion on the difference between
> shared library, shared object, and module, and MacOS's runtime linker.
> Further discussion should probably proceed on -devel.

My current install of GnuCash (fink) on a Mac (G3/384MB/Tiger) is taking about
an hour (!) to completely start up.  Top shows that guile-1.6 is essentially
taking most of the CPU for about 38 minutes (processor time) before the splash
finally comes up.  Once running, the performance appears quite satisfactory.

While I admit that a more powerful machine would help (doesn't it always? :-),
is there any avenue one might be able to pursue to cut this start-up time?  I
had already followed the suggestion to update_prebinding, and I believe this
reduced the start-up down to a mere an hour.  ;-)

Suggestions welcome.  G5's welcome, too.  :-)


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