gnucash and Mac OS X 10.4

David Reiser dbreiser at
Tue Jun 7 22:16:14 EDT 2005

On Jun 7, 2005, at 9:23 PM, R Hannes Beinert wrote:
> My current install of GnuCash (fink) on a Mac (G3/384MB/Tiger) is  
> taking about
> an hour (!) to completely start up.  Top shows that guile-1.6 is  
> essentially
> taking most of the CPU for about 38 minutes (processor time) before  
> the splash
> finally comes up.  Once running, the performance appears quite  
> satisfactory.
> While I admit that a more powerful machine would help (doesn't it  
> always? :-),
> is there any avenue one might be able to pursue to cut this start- 
> up time?  I
> had already followed the suggestion to update_prebinding, and I  
> believe this
> reduced the start-up down to a mere an hour.  ;-)
> Suggestions welcome.  G5's welcome, too.  :-)
> TIA.
> Hannes.

I never let gnucash from my first install in Tiger go that long, I  
thought it had hung. Top was showing guile-1.6 with 80-90% cpu  
hogging for several minutes. What happened to me is that the info  
file for gnucash 1.8.11-20 under fink didn't force a recompile of the  
gnome libs under Tiger. The info file for 1.8.11-21 forced gtk+ to >=  
whatever number required my system to recompile the gnome libs with  
the fixes for Tiger's dynamic loader quirks. Prior to my Tiger  
upgrade, I was using gnucash 1.8.10, and I just kept my fink  
directories during the Tiger upgrade, meaning all the old versions  
were hanging around somewhere nearby...

If you're using gnucash 1.8.11-20, try updating to 1.8.11-21.


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