Chris Shoemaker c.shoemaker at
Mon Jun 27 22:31:48 EDT 2005

Ok, 4 weeks without a single message!?!  C'mon!

Is anybody alive out there?

Did I get silently unsubscribed? :-)

Is everybody busy whipping out some great g2 code? :)

BTW: my investigations into using GtkTreeModel for a new register are
looking even better than I hoped.  I had an intitial, very rough
concept working with GtkListStore, then with GtkTreeStore.  That
convinced me that the *display* portion would work, even some of the
dynamic tree behavior.  Then, I had to convert to a custom
GtkTreeModel, that provided for iteration over Transactions and
Splits, the result of a Query.  That convinced me that the *editing*
portion was feasible (possibly modulo some remaining GtkCellEditable
issues).  So, there's a few more details to flesh out, but I'm
optimistic that it will be workable.  Incidentally, if it is workable,
I estimate it'll be about 1/5 the complexity of src/register/*.  The
GtkTreeModel interface is decently defined, and its interaction with
GtkTreeView and friends is where much of the complexity is hidden by

Incidentally, I was wondering if anyone else's register went all-white
a few weeks ago.  (All my development is at the top of my patch stack,
so I haven't recompiled the base CVS for months, but I don't *think* I
did anything that would make the register go white. :)


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