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Tue Jun 28 12:14:03 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 28 June 2005 3:31 am, Chris Shoemaker wrote:
> Ok, 4 weeks without a single message!?!  C'mon!


I'm well pleased - there have been quite a few changes to the codebase during 
my enforced absence (car accident) and subsequent holiday and it's as well 
that the devel list was so quiet. My thanks to Derek for his support during 
my absence - I'm OK, just needed some time out to sort out the finances, the 
paperwork and a replacement vehicle.

> Is anybody alive out there?

Deep thought. My work currently requires a spell of testing and builds outside 
the GnuCash tree (actually in QOF-generator) so that I can solve the 
remaining problems in QSF. As a result, I haven't done more than bring my 
working copy up to date with David's patches and commit my own brief changes.

> Is everybody busy whipping out some great g2 code? :)

My current code won't go straight into G2 but it will support the code that 
goes into G2 - one of those preemptive tasks that just needs to be done to 
allow progress elsewhere.

I've already got a method to create new object source code using HTML forms 
and PHP. 

Now I've all but completed a Perl script that will turn QSF XML into C source 
code that can be compiled against QOF (CVS) to build a mini-application using 
the objects defined in the XML. There is one remaining irritation but it 
shouldn't take long to fix, it just means the generated code needs a tweak or 
two before it builds. All such mini-applications are based on Pilot-QOF and 
use the same build setup.

The intention is to make it much easier to build tools that handle (almost) 
arbitrary selections of QOF objects. Once the next release of QOF is 
complete, the script will also compile the generated code. Data exported from 
GnoTime could be merged with data from GnuCash to provide data for a third 
application. The script can create an application simply by parsing any QSF 
XML file - including hand-edited files - and compiling it creates a usable 
command line utility that can perform SQL-type queries and write out more QSF 

It's in QOF-gen CVS if it's of interest.

I'm using this to build test routines to solve problems with the map handling 
in QSF. This is the last nut to crack before QOF v0.6.0 becomes available for 
general release - closely followed by Pilot-QOF (v0.1).


Neil Williams

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