Fedora Core 3

Terry D. Boldt fastsnip-frnds1 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 20:27:38 EDT 2005

Upgraded recently to fedora Core 3. Tried to compile and install gnucash 
1.8.11. After downloading and installing glib/gtk+ 1.2.10, guile and 
g-wrap, I still am stymied by the gnucash dependence on gnome version 
prior to 2.0(as used in FC3).

As there a workaround for this dependence other than installing a prior 
version of gnome.

I will be shortly upgrading to FC4 and will probably have the same 
problem, so if anybody knows of a workable solution, it would be very 

The main reason I started on this task of compiling the source was 
because I wanted the cusotmized reports possible following somebody's 
instructions as posted on guncash-developers mailing list a year or so 
back. That procedure requires running at least "./configure" and then 
'make' in the reports source directory to rebuild the reports and of 
course "./configure" fails on gnome 2.0. So even if I get a ready-built 
version of 1.8.11 for FC4, I still cannot re-build the custom reports I 
had on RH8.

Thanks for any information that you can provide.
Terry Boldt

If you are always rushing towards the future,
Then you never have any past.

Terry Boldt
As you contemplate the Now,
The Now becomes the past.

There is no future,
There is no past,
There is only Now.

"A human being is part of the whole called by us the 
Universe. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and 
feelings as something separated from the rest --a kind 
of optical delusion of consciousness.
This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting 
us to our personal desires and to affection for a few 
persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves 
from this prison by widening our circle of compassion 
to embrace all living creatures, and the whole of 
nature in its beauty."

Albert Einstein.
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of 
thinking we used when we created them." 
--Albert Einstein


We have the best government money can buy, and it has.

Terry Boldt.     


You must decide: 

Are you a body with a soul or a soul with a body?

Terry Boldt


When you change the way you look at things, 
the things you look at change.

Paraphrasing Ben Franklin:

Those who sacrifice freedom for safety, have neither.

The exact quote:               

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
  Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790),
  US author, diplomat, inventor, physicist, politician, & printer
  Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

A thought often repeated becomes an act, an act often
repeated becomes a habit, a habit often repeated,
a character and a settled character molds the very
destiny of man.

Man is the master of his own destiny.

"The Voice of Babaji", Page 236
What man thinks, that he becomes

Common sense is so very extraordinary 
for being for so very uncommon.

Terry Boldt
To say what is real,
Must be exactly what we feel,
To speak of the truth,
And be open this way,
Is to say what you mean,
And mean what you say.

Pearl Boldt
"If you don't know, you cannot teach, except by faith.
And faith implies doubt. Doubt and the resulting
repression of doubt breed fanaticism and intolerance.
Worse, they breed ignorance pretending to infallibility,
which breeds charlatans and blind followers."

"Muddy Tracks", Frank DeMarco, page xxv
"for without time,no thought of anything is possible;
without space, no conception of anything is possible and
without causation no consideration of anything is possible. And
again, time space and causation generally appear inter-related
in our consciousness not dependent of one another.
So the mind lives, moves and has its existence in these
three notions, which are necessarily finite, owing to
their perceptional value and without which we cannot think,
conceive or imagine anything. Deprived of these three,
the constitution of the mind breaks down."

"The Voice of Babaji", Page 442-443
"The definition of and the mystery and meaning of faith,
will open like a flower, only while sitting in silence.
Faith in something greater than oneself is tantamount to
a veil being withdrawn from the depths and distances
glimmering within, and a feeling of eternal hunger for
peace and fullness, for all that the distracted world
of today denies. It is not possible to discover the Real
and abide in it, except by our own experience."

"The Voice of Babaji", Page 444

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