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Neil Williams linux at
Mon Mar 7 13:23:57 EST 2005

I've just committed the bulk of the work needed to export a Chart of Accounts 
(with opening balance transactions) into QSF XML plus the means to import any 
QSF object file (containing GnuCash objects).

The export does work, and the import code does get as far as preparing the 
merge, but it's stalling in the druid.

I have always had a problem with the druid in g2 - when running the original 
Add New Account Hierarchy command, it's worked fine in HEAD but 
gnucash-gnome2-dev has had some problem with one of the Next actions 
(Forward-> button) on the user intervention page. It simply fails to move to 
the next page (MergeDruidFinishPage). I can click Forward as much as I like, 
but I have to Cancel to get anywhere. It's annoying because it's the finish 
page that issues the Commit command to actually merge the data.

Now I'm also getting a blank introductory page with the merge druid - again 
something related to the G2 port.

There are still tweaks needed to the book merge code but I can't test until 
this stall is solved.

Would someone with more GUI skills be willing to take a look at the code in 
src/gnome/druid-merge.c and src/gnome/glade/ and tell me where 
it's going wrong? Thanks.

Any tips on improving the druid layout would be appreciated too - I have a 
simple (but ugly) text display at the moment in a GtkLabel in a GtkViewPort 
and I would like to lay it out into a ListView - it doesn't need to be a 
collapsing tree, just a list, I think. Maybe a tree would actually be better?

   |----- Description
   |             |-------Value
   |----- Type
   |             |------- Value

or a list (with header)


Description = Value
Type           = Value


Two panes, one displaying the object from the import, one displaying the 
object from the main book - the user then decides if the two are duplicates, 
if the import should update the main or if the import is new.

Then I'll add some code to manage the rest of the labels so that the druid 
takes on an appropriate identity when merging QSF into a book compared to 
when merging a new account hierarchy into a book.

I've got the framework that I need to export business objects into QSF XML 
too, I'm hoping to add the simple calls tomorrow and add date ranges and 
other queries later.

I've also fixed a few problems related to multiple objects and the 
QOF_TYPE_CHAR so those should be fine. KVP is almost complete, I'm working 
out how to support KVP_TYPE_BINARY but I can sort out KVP_TYPE_GLIST in due 


Neil Williams

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