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Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 03:32:07 EST 2005

I'm planning a cover-all export dialog that will use a notebook (tabbed) style 
interface - one tab for each supported GnuCash entity. Accounts, 
Transactions, Invoices, Customers, Vendors, Employees (any others?)

By selecting filters from parameters of each entity, like minimum/maximum 
balance, tax status, dates (before/after/single), strings, types  . . .  
and/or excluding certain entities completely, any permutation of entities 
*should* be exportable to QSF.

The following is my initial bash at the help text to explain all that:


You can use these pages to build a book of entities ready for export to QSF 

The defaults will export all supported entities as of today - no previous 
dates will be exported unless you change the defaults. 

To add a series of entities, using different criteria, click Apply and then 
change the criteria to export the other entities. Apply only affects the 
currently displayed page. Click OK to export all remaining entities selected 
by all pages. No entity can be exported twice.

Note that certain entities, like commodities, are not currently supported by 
QSF and cannot be exported this way. All commodities in the QSF will be 
assigned your default currency when you merge the data back into a GnuCash 

Leave any tab blank to allow all entities of that type to be exported. Select 
the Exclude checkbox to prevent any of a particular type of entity from being 
exported. Note that certain entities will always contain necessary 
sub-elements. e.g. Accounts will always contain an Opening Balance from the 
date specified even if Transactions are excluded. Invoices will always 
contain Customer entries even if the rest of the Customers are excluded.


Each page includes fields to filter the entities. e.g. Accounts include the 
Name, the Description, the Type (pre-filled by GnuCash), minimum and maximum 
balances (initially zero and suitably high), tax related (all, include or 
exclude). Plus each page has a checkbox to exclude all entities of that type, 
with the proviso above.

I'd expect Transactions to also require parent Accounts? 



Neil Williams

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