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Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Tue Mar 8 04:33:28 EST 2005

On Tuesday 08 March 2005 8:54 am, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Hi Neil,
> err, just another quick blurb in between: Is this export function
> somehow related to the concept of a "generic-exporter" as suggested by
> Christian Gatzemeier on http://www.linuxwiki.de/GnuCash/DevelTexts ?

Yes, it can do that job. The exact method shown on that page might not work as 
well as they describe because of putting XML tags in the description field - 
I'll have to check on how that would be handled. However, XSLT may be a 
solution even if that is a problem. (Don't know, need to check - probably not 
a problem, just me being paranoid.)

Come to think of it, QSF could be used for a host of things like that.

> If 
> yes, you might want to add some explanations to that wiki page on how
> your ideas would also implement Christian Gatzemeier's concepts...


> Additionally, you might consider collecting your explanations on that
> wiki page as well... just in case you want to consolidate these outlines.


Thanks for the tip.

(oops, just realised that should probably have been called GnuCash/QsfXml!)

I see you're on gnucash-de, Christian, could you translate and let Christian 
Gatzemeier know about the QSF implementation? Thanks.

I learnt some German at school but that's a *long* time ago now!


Neil Williams

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