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Vijay Vishvas Dharap vijay_dharap at infosys.com
Wed Mar 9 10:49:39 EST 2005

First of all sorry for sending 3 messages.

Ok let me clarify more.

I browsed fin.c file from cvs from src/calculation directory.

And I just used the functions[_fi_calc_interest and functions required
by it] listed there as I cannot use the whole application as its ported
only to linux.
Furthermore I converted the functions listed in that place into java
class for my work.

I have attached the code that I used in java. Only minimal changes were
done from actual C source code needed for compilation purposes.

Now when I use this function of rate and provide the specified values,
I get positive value of the rate.
But same values when given to VB function rate, gives me negative rate.
i.e. -1.98245150

Whenever the VB rate is giving positive values, the values by my rate
function matches with the VB rate function. But for negative values, I
don't get correct values.
Now probably I am clearer about discrepancy I am talking about.


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> Hi Vijay,
> your message got through to the gnucash list, please don't send it
> again.
> as for the answer, the question itself is not very clear so i don't
> know which functions you are talking about. So if you have to clarify
> things, please take the time to rewrite your mressage with better
> context and details, but send it only once.
> thank you.
> Ludo

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