Idears for improving the Busines GUI

Christof Donat cdonat at
Mon Mar 14 15:54:03 EST 2005


During a discussion on the german GNUCash mailing list some idears came up 
about the UI of the busines module.

I try to translate my Idears for you because this seems to be the best place 
to discuss them:

- Have another tab in the main window like for the reports called something 
like 'customers & suppliers'.
- some kind of Table or maybe even a Hirarchy of customers and suppliers in 
there. With a hirarchical structure you could e.g. store multiple departments 
for a customer, but I guess that would be a major change - it is not that 
- doubleclicking a customer or a supplier opens a book similar to an 
accountbook with all the invoices for that company in it. A Invoice then 
could look like a multi part booking.
- in the 'customers and suppliers' tab e.g. red color could point to due 

That would make many things a lot easier:
- Bulk input of invoices would become a lot more efficient.
- It would feel a lot more consistent with the rest of GNUCash.
- If you have similar invoices for one customer e.g. every month that could be 
easier done with duplicating the Invioce with a new date and Invioce number.
- Adding a supplier or a customer is almost like adding an account - a lot 
more intuitive and more consistant with the rest of GNUCash.

I know that this does not cover everything of the busines module, but it may 
be a start for improving the UI.

What do you think about these idears?


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