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Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Tue Mar 22 03:49:37 EST 2005

On Friday 18 March 2005 8:17 am, Neil Williams wrote:

Just to let everyone know, QOF Generator is now active at SourceForge:


It has it's first CVS commits and first file release. Most of the intended 
functionality is to follow, this is very much pre-alpha. However, the C file 
produced DOES compile. What I'm working on today is the mini-application and 
general functionality / documentation. Currently, it's setup in testing mode 
so it tends to rename everything invoice and it doesn't take your name or 
email, it uses mine as default! ;-)

> 1. Through a series of HTML forms, create the C code for a new QOF object.
>  Complete with parameter handlers, makefiles and a simple query console
>  application (which will only need to be modified between runs to input the
>  names of the new objects.) The object will contain enough data to populate
>  it's own entities when the application is compiled and linked against QOF.

That needs a little tweaking to accept, say QOF_TYPE_DATE  which is a 
Timespec, but store a time_t in the struct itself. Simple use of a 
$convert_to option in the PHP.

> 2. Provide a simple command-line interface for the mini-application to
> query the objects and write out the results as QSF.  (A simple application
> like this already exists - it's waiting for the release of pilot-link-0.12
> before being committed to pilot-link CVS.)

Hoping to get that progressing today - getting that code to compile in a 
different tree and without the pilot-link stuff.

> 4. Cache objects for any one user so that objects can refer to each other.
>  (MySQL).

Done, courtesy of a SourceForge MySQL database.

> Although users will "login" to provide their name and email address

Hopefully today as well.

It is now on SourceForge


if anyone is    
interested in helping out, please contact me.

You'll need MySQL, PHP, XML and HTML experience only.

C or Scheme experience is NOT required.

OK, that's it for this list, all discussions on the generator via private 
email please. I'll use a dedicated SourceForge mailing list if there is a 


Neil Williams

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