Proposal: Merge gnome2-branch into HEAD

Emmanuel Pacaud emmanuel.pacaud at
Sun May 1 05:02:15 EDT 2005


Imminence of gnucash-gnome2-dev merge into HEAD is very good news...

>Quoting David Hampton <hampton-gnucash at>:
>> On Sat, 2005-04-30 at 19:57 +0200, Christian Stimming wrote:
>> > By the way, I'm all up for this merge back into HEAD at any time now. 
>> Works for me.
>Once we've got GoG working in g2 I think this would be a wise idea.  I'd prefer
>to wait until we've got at least GoG working...  I think that's the last major
>missing piece of functionality; after that it's just bugfixing, stability,

I guess you're talking about Goffice Graph.

Looking at gnucash-gnome2-dev branch, it seems to use a snapshot of
Goffice Graph from the last stable version of gnumeric.

You probably want to use the standalone library you can find in the
goffice module on It has some crasher fixes. An unstable
release is planned.

>> > PS: Is it really necessary to require libgnomui-2.8.0? Wouldn't 
>> > libgnomeui-2.6.1 already be sufficient?
>> I chose 2.8 because that's what ships with FC3.  As recently as a couple
>> of weeks ago G2 was compiling on FC1 which has libgnomeui-2.4, and I
>> haven't seen anything committed that raises that bar.  I'll drop the
>> requirement back down so we can support SuSe 9.2.
>Hmm, well, GoG has some newer dependencies..  But it shouldn't be 2.8; 2.6
>maybe, 2.4 at best..  Depends on which version system you're using.

Current dependencies in CVS are:

        glib-2.0                >= 2.6.4
        gobject-2.0             >= 2.6.4
        gmodule-2.0             >= 2.6.4
        libgsf-1                >= 1.11.2
        libxml-2.0              >= 2.4.12
        pango                   >= 1.8.1
        pangoft2                >= 1.8.1
        gtk+-2.0                >= 2.6.0
        libglade-2.0            >= 2.3.6
        libgnomeprint-2.2       >= 2.8.2
        libart-2.0              >= 2.3.11
        libgnomeui-2.0          >= 2.0.0
        libgsf-gnome-1          >= 1.11.2


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