Proposal: Merge gnome2-branch into HEAD (was: Add scrollbars to 'lot clist' in Lot viewer)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon May 2 21:54:19 EDT 2005

Glen Ditchfield <gjditchfield at> writes:

> On Sunday 01 May 2005 15:49, Christian Stimming wrote:
>> We don't need to bother with this -- it's just fine that the most
>> recent SuSE (which is 9.3, out since April) has all the requirement
>> fulfilled and that's it.
> But SuSE 9.2 is the current no-cost release.  Do you think SuSE 9.3 will be 
> released in free-as-in-beer form before GnuCash 2?

Think 9.3 will be released in free-as-in-beer form before, say, Q4 2005?

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