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Neil Williams linux at
Tue May 3 06:15:58 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 03 May 2005 10:57 am, Geert Janssens wrote:
> Hi,
> This passed weekend, I spent some time (actually quite a lot) trying to
> understand GnuCash's internals a bit better. I must admit, it's a steep
> learning curve, especially since I never worked on a gnome app before (my
> devel experience is based on motif on Solaris), neither with the gnu
> autotools, as my questions will show.

I started from almost exactly the same position.

> * As I'm stepping through the creation of the Invoice Edit window, I have a
> display of the Invoice Datastructure that is to be used to create the
> window. With every step I do in the source, I see that the values of
> several of it's member pointers change (sometimes indicating address out of
> bounds). Is this normal behaviour ?

I'd start with a different object. The business module still needs work in G2 
- it keeps crashing when I try to create new data. See GNOME2_STATUS in the 
top level directory.

> 2. ddd as a graphical front-end is a bit distracting, because it is not
> really intuitive. I would much rather use another front-end. What do other
> people on this list use, apart from purely text based debugging ?

I use gdb. Oh, and liberal use of ENTER (" "), PINFO (" "), LEAVE(" "), even 
simple printf and fprintf(stderr, sometimes. Naturally, these are removed 
before a commit.


> Would it 
> be possible to use Anjuta's built-in front end ?

I did try but it complains it can't find the executable. i.e. it's trying to 
load the script into gdb instead of the .libs/ version.


Neil Williams

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