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On Tue, 2005-24-05 at 19:09 +1000, Conrad Canterford wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-05-23 at 22:18 -0700, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> > greetings
> > A discussion about payroll has come up on the user list and some of us 
> > are pondering the idea about implementing a couple of payroll ideas. One 
> > user (Michael Crawford) has gone so far as to start a sourceforge 
> > project centered around a simple spreadsheet.  I personally have been 
> > stewing on a simple payroll program to generate a .qif for a while.
> I looked at it a couple of years ago (at a time when it was relevant to
> my needs), and even checked out some of the stuff that was out there. I
> came to the conclusion that a desire to make it work for a number of
> different countries was possible but non-trivial. I decided it was too
> much effort for my purposes.
> You face the additional problem of keeping it up to date with the
> changing requirements in each country. You really need a generic
> interface component, into which you can load a number of configurations
> for country and year. Then you need someone to keep up to date with each
> countries tax laws, and produce updated data files each time it changes.
> Anyway. I wish you luck. If you go the generic route, let me know once
> you've got some firm ideas of what you're planning, and I'll tell you if
> that breaks with the Australian system.... :-). I could probably be
> convinced to build and maintain a set of Australian data files for such
> a system too.
> Conrad.
> _

OK, Thank you.    Can you supply a general list of data requirements?

How many taxes/deductions are there, etc.?

I think Andrew & I were thinking the along the same lines about having a
generic interface where the actual formulae were in either in a
localized guile or config file that is loaded in.   I think that a guile
module may be best ( fully programmable), but at the same time may be
more difficult for users to maintain.  I know I am struggling a little
learning my way thru gnc's guile modules. If we internally document well
enough it should be OK.

For Canada:

# of pay periods/yr.
basic wage
several extras, such as bonuses for extra trade tickets.
vacation pay         Option to pay out every pay/accrue 
stat holiday pay       ""    "" "" ""   ""    ""  ""
other taxable benefits... several fields optional

---Income totals
Insurable Earnings
Taxable income

---Deductions Government
Govt. Pension plan
  Employee paid
  Employer paid... % of employee paid
Govt. Employment Insurance
  Employee paid
  Employer paid... % of employee paid
Provincial Tax
Federal Tax.....     Both can be combined into one for remission
Requested extra tax deduction for an employee  ie. 10% of gross income
          due to second job puts him/her in higher tax bracket.
Employer paid Workers Compensation Plan (expense for employer)

---Deductions other
union dues
basically match the other taxable benefits 

---Net pay
net amount
Check number

---A check print with a complete stub printout of the info

***** Reports
pay period summary
monthly summary
year to date summary/employee
tax year end T4b form printout/employee & summary for Employer
Separation slip printout

All I can think of for now.
Brian <dol-sen at>

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