Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu May 26 03:39:43 EDT 2005

Andrew Sackville-West schrieb:
>> That's not true.  I for one would be happy so long as the architecture
>> is generic and extensible to multiple locales, even if the original
>> implementation is specific to one locale.  C.f. the TXF report, which
>> was US only until recently.
> Seems to me there's really only a handful of ways to tax income:
> -- a flat % tax on all income (in US thats medicare)
> [...]

These (4) calculation methods you mentioned are already enough to also 
cover the tax methods in e.g. Germany. Just remember that it should be 
possible to have multiple deductions of each method, not only one, and 
then you're done with Germany, too. (I.e. there's one flat % tax on the 
gross income for medicare and another flat % tax on the same gross 
income for pension etc.)

Aside from that, I would strongly support Derek's proposal that you 
should just go ahead for a US payroll module (or whatever locale you 
need) and not to worry too much about the 
super-duper-hyper-international coding solution. Once the US solution is 
in place (probably as one module), it is relatively easy to add modules 
for other locales.


Christian Stimming

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