Doxygen bug

Neil Williams linux at
Fri Sep 2 05:41:58 EDT 2005

Just a heads-up about Doxygen 1.4.4 currently installed in Debian unstable.

It breaks our @name syntax and therefore the Doxygen output is less than 

Files that use @name or \name for sections of code are only documented in 
1.4.4 in the FILE page itself - the page that everyone normally uses from the 
Module list is almost blank or includes lots of private documentation.

What we want is:

What I get is:

The content I want in group_Backend only appears in:

The Backend page is quite illustrative - it should have sections on partial 
books and copying entities but these have been lost. The function 
documentation for the functions within the @name block have also been removed 
from the module docs and only exist in the header file docs.

I've reported this on the doxygen list but haven't heard yet.


Neil Williams

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