gnome2 gnucash in Debian experimental

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 2 16:28:41 EDT 2005

Quoting Thomas Bushnell BSG <tb at>:

>> What's the advantage of putting G2 into experimental compared to getting the
>> gwrap problem fixed? I have no idea where to start trying to fix gwrap and I
>> have quite enough to do without wasting yet more time on it.
> Well, I'm not the g-wrap maintainer, and I don't know anything about
> it.  Nothing in bug #323462 mentions gnucash, and gnucash doesn't
> depend on g-wrap anyway.  So I can't for the life of me tell why the
> g-wrap bug is blocking anything gnucash-related.  Enlighten me?

Actually, gnucash DOES depend on g-wrap.  It's both a build-time and run-time

> I'm thinking of packaging the gnome-2 branch of gnucash for Debian
> experimental.  Are there concerns or comments?  Please don't assume
> that I know anything about what gnome-2 problems there are.  I'm
> asking because I *don't* know.

Read the GNOME2_STATUS file in the g2 cvs branch for the current status 
and list
of known issues.  The file is larger than one might like.

> Thomas

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