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Sat Sep 3 07:44:36 EDT 2005

On Friday 02 September 2005 5:54 pm, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Friday 02 September 2005 5:29 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> > No, but it's not recommended.

OK, it's changed. It's still used for some internal roles (although that may 

> > No, I'm not 
> > convinced that passing configuration in a header file is necessarily the
> > right method.

The location of the library and the location of the backend config XML file is 
now part of the pkg-config and can be retrieved with:
(example only)
	MY_LIB_DIR=`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=libdir package`
	MY_XML_DIR=`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=xmldir package`

The name of the library and the name of the init function are expected to be 
hard-coded into whichever applications need to use them.

> > >> 2. You propose to separate the configuration option definition from
> > >> its documentation.
> > > I looked at putting this in the XML but it just isn't worth the effort.
> > I think Christian's point is that you put the english text in the XML
> > file
> > then load the translations elsewhere.

I still can't see how this can work. gettext AFAICT won't load the 
translations that way.

All I can see to do is have duplicate strings in the C and XML - I'd rather 
not do that. If gettext needs the english text in a C file, there seems 
little point duplicating it in XML.

Besides, the english text in the XML would never be read - all the 
documentation would come from the C file anyway.


Neil Williams

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