Please do not commit any more code until you can compile with -Werror

Neil Williams linux at
Sun Sep 4 15:46:54 EDT 2005

On Sunday 04 September 2005 6:34 pm, Derek Atkins wrote:
> The SOLE reason this has been happening 
> is because you do not build with -Werror.

It's not as black and white as that, the code I commit IS always compiled with 
-Werror in other trees. The only reason for the problems have been the #ifdef 
and #ifndef requirements of having two fundamentally different library 
builds, pending the changeover.

I did put in one extra #ifndef this time and I apologise that I missed one. 
It's when new functions are added that this problem occurs - particularly 

> Therefore, I am going to ask 
> that you refrain from any more commits to the gnucash source tree until you
> fix that problem on your distribution.

OK. I'll continue to commit to QOF and CashUtil, pending other developments.
(see below).

In the meantime, if there are smaller patches necessary to fix things from QOF 
in GnuCash G2, can I send them as patches?

> I realize that this may be a problem with Debian unstable,

One that I am presently unable to solve and have little idea of where to start 
trying to solve it - I don't pretend to understand anything about gwrap. I'm 
grateful for the help you and David put in when this problem surfaced but, 
clearly, it is still unresolved.

I am also unable to build on my alternative platform, Mac OSX, which would 
have solved the issue. Recent changes to the build system have only made the 
Mac OSX problems worse - Apple's version of libtool does not support a 
--version command so the autogen macro fails. Yes, I know that's not exactly 
very good on behalf of Apple but it's another barrier to building on OSX. 
I've simply commented out the libtool check for now so although configure 
works, make fails later with library problems.

I'll see what I can do about an alternative build environment. You are using 
FC3, Derek, correct? David - FC4? What others - Ubuntu/Mandriva etc? I 
suspect other Debian based distros like Ubuntu will suffer the same problem - 
either a dependency on gwrap 1.3 or a broken 1.9.

I don't develop any code within the GnuCash tree anymore, it's all in either 
QOF or CashUtil and then copied in. So I am hoping to run builds on a 
remote / temporary FC system via a second private CVS setup - my current 
private CVS setup is also Debian unstable. 

I'd simply commit to a second server (FC3 or whatever), if that works with 
-Werror, you would be happy to have that committed to


Neil Williams

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