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Neil Williams linux at
Sun Sep 4 16:01:55 EDT 2005

On Sunday 04 September 2005 8:41 pm, Christian Stimming wrote:
> in the months after that. The point simply is: We have to face the fact
> that any other less-known project like "CashUtil" will never attract that
> much translators. It would be desireable and nice, but it won't be the
> case.


> But you can profit from this the other way round: CashUtil can simply copy
> the then-existing translations from gnucash into its own po directory, and
> CashUtil will then use those msgids that are also used inside CashUtil.

I think I did mention that there is common content to the CashUtil and 
GnuCash-GUI po files. The difference is in the formatting - principally less 
\n line endings (which look ugly on a CLI that has variable width). This 
common content is mainly the QofBackendError output. I think that is 

e.g. my en_GB.po file for CashUtil is 31737bytes, the G2 one is 230931 - 
nearly 9 times larger. About 75% of that CashUtil file is common to current 

> But for this you need to ensure that all strings that are relevant to
> gnucash should also appear in the gnucash.pot file.

They will - once CashUtil is folded into the Gnucash source tree. There will 
only be a couple of strings (strings, not files) that need to be translated 
within QOF itself so whether we have lib/libqof or -lqof1 makes no odds to 
the po files. The content of the object files, Account.c, gncInvoice.c etc., 
that will remain in the current source tree.

> That status should be kept.


> If libqof and/or the  
> gnucash-file-backend move into some other CVS, we have to come up with
> other mechanisms to keep the translations in the gnucash.pot file,

Only libqof itself would ever move out - that does NOT include any of the 
objects going into or any of the backend stuff in


Neil Williams

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