[Gnucash-changes] check_data_type, backend configuration and gettext

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Sep 5 10:28:02 EDT 2005

Neil Williams <codehelp at cvs.gnucash.org> writes:

> +/* All available QOF backends need to be described here
> +and the last entry must be three NULL's.
> +Remember: Use the libdir from the current build environment
> +and use the .la NOT the .so - .so is not portable! */
> +struct backend_providers backend_list[] = {
> +	{ QOF_LIB_DIR, "libqof-backend-qsf.la", "qsf_provider_init" },
> +#ifdef HAVE_DWI
> +	{ QOF_LIB_DIR, "libqof_backend_dwi.la", "dwiend_provider_init" },
> +#endif
> +	{ NULL, NULL, NULL }
> +};

Umm, I don't think you can necessarily guarantee that the .la is
installed.  Indeed, most places do NOT install the .la, just the .so
(or .dynlib) in the packaging system.  This is why we had the .so
v. .dynlib code in there before.

Many places do not like to install .la files because they cannot be

Also, I'm not sure I like the new API, unless "directory" is a "hint"
-- the ldopen() should have a set of directories it can search.  A
"search path".

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