[Gnucash-changes] Fix function name.

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Wed Sep 14 03:01:07 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 7:11 am, David Hampton wrote:
>  Globals: dateFormat
>  */
> -const gchar *qof_date_format_get_format(QofDateFormat df)
> +const gchar *qof_date_text_format_get_string(QofDateFormat df)
>  {
>    switch(df) {
>     case QOF_DATE_FORMAT_US:

Should we just be changing the API like that?? This isn't a static.
(QOF is now on pre-release and I'd rather not change the API just now.)

Can you use a #define, David, and deprecate the old version so that we don't 
break the build of a program using the current API? 

Or, it might be better to put the qof_date_text_format_get_string function in 
the GUI code (maybe as gnc_...), deprecate qof_date_format_get_format in 
gnc-date.c and I'll look at actioning this hack alert from gnc-date.c in the 
next release:

HACK ALERT: the scan and print routines should probably be moved to somewhere 
else. The engine really isn't involved with things like printing formats. 
This is needed mostly by the GUI and so on. If a file-io backend needs date 
handling, it should do it itself, instead of depending on the routines here.

Book_Merge and QSF already follow this advice by using strftime and 

"Overall, this file is quite a mess. Note, however, that other applications, 
besides just GnuCash, use this file. In particular, GnoTime 
(gttr.sourcefore.net) uses this file, and this file is formally a part of QOF 

It's on my TODO list to overhaul the QOF date handling but not immediately 
(i.e. not in the current 0.6) - probably for 0.7. As the file states, it's in 
quite a mess but I haven't had time to do anything other than tweaks so far.


Neil Williams

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