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Derek Atkins wrote:

>Neil Williams <linux at codehelp.co.uk> writes:
>>I'd also like to extend the libgda role in QOF to provide more choice of
>>backends - I see no reason why QOF cannot use SQLite and Postgres +/-
>>directly in the same generic manner as QSF.
>Adding a database backend adds overhead in terms of cache coherency.
>You need to make sure that multiple QOF applications running against
>the same SQL database maintain the same cache of QOF objects in core.
>That way when one application makes a change to the database the other
>application sees the change. This would be _expected_ in a sql backend.
>It's not expected in a file backend.
>Just keep this in mind.
>If you DO solve this in the QOF arena, well, it would be nice :)
>I _think_ it might mean that we don't need to solve it in gnucash..

Well the current ( => old ) Pg-backend for gnc has the so called
"single-user-mode". In this mode no changes on the db are propagated
to other instances accessing the database. Of course this is not what
one would ideally expect, but if you know what you are doing.... The
prospect to have a working sql-backend for gnucash sound very
interesting to me, and I guess to some other people as well, even if
it doesn't support multi-user access.


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