XSLT Transform for Gnucash XML file

Larry Evans cppljevans at cox-internet.com
Sun Sep 18 15:22:06 EDT 2005

On 09/05/2003 01:14 AM, Matthew Vanecek wrote:
> I've written a simple XSLT transformation for the Gnucash XML file.  It
> spits out an HTML file with a 4-column table, "Account Name", "Date
> Entered", "Number", "Descriptions", "Value".  The "Value" column values
> are preceded by an '='.  This makes it easy to import into OOo Calc, due
> to the way values are stored in our XML file.

Thanks Matthew,

I've modified it to create a set of tables for each investment.  Each
table makes it fairly easy to calculate the average return on the
investment.  A simple modification of the stylesheet would make it
ideal for use in gnumeric to do the actual calculations.

The stylesheet is attached.  Hopefully others will find it useful
or modify it, like it did yours, to get exactly what they want.

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