Building GnuCash on Suse 10.0RC1

Rauch Christian info at
Thu Sep 22 05:07:20 EDT 2005

Hi List!

I am currently trying to build gnucash on a suse 10.0RC1 box.
Together with Christian Stimming on gnucash-de i already solved some
problems with gcc4 (libofx, guppi,g-wrap) but now i am stuck with a
error on guile I think.
everything compiled fine, rpms were built (yes, I am trying to do this 
with rpms because of reusing those after successfull building on my 
testbox), but on starting gnucash on console, it only says:
ERROR: unbound variable: with-load-pathname

The only i found about this error was an email from Derek Atkins, that 
this may be a error in Guile Installation.

I am using the guile-package delivered with suse 10.0RC1, so i don't 
think, this could be wrong.

However, guile-version is 1.6.7-8 and is located in /usr.

I built Guppi and g-wrap to be in /opt/gnome, perhaps this is the error.

According to what i can read from ./configure and make, Guppi and g-wrap 
are found, but i can not see an error regarding guile.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem can be here?

And no, i don't have any knowledge of C(++), Python, or anything other 
except PHP ;-)

Rauch Christian

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