Gnucash and utf-8 : summary

Didier Vidal didier-devel at
Sun Sep 25 16:45:34 EDT 2005

Le dim 25/09/2005 à 22:20, Derek Atkins a écrit :
> Didier Vidal <didier-devel at> writes:
> > Even with 2.6.16 of libxml, there is no *visible* problem as long as you
> > keep opening your file with libxml.
> Oh?  So if you save it with gnucash + libxml2-2.6.16 and then open
> it with gnucash + libxml2-2.2.x, it will do the right thing?  Even if
> we hard-code "utf-8" into the XML?

I think so.
I ran the following test:

- edit a gcash file with non ascii char (é)and add encoding = utf-8
- open it with gnucash and libxml2-2.6.16, save it. -> OK (é is escaped
with its ISO-8859-1 code)
- edit the saved file an add encoding=utf-8
- load it with  LD_PRELOAD=/tmp/usrxml2/lib/ ./gnucash (this
uses libxml2 2.6.22)  -> OK
- save it (to check it's the 2.6.22 behaviour).

But maybe one could add a unit test in gnucash that opens a gnucash file
with non ascii parameters, and checks that the objects are built
properly. The test could even save the file and read it again, to check
that there is no alteration in the loop.


> > Didier.
> -derek

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