No splash screen in trunk?

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Tue Aug 1 10:01:31 EDT 2006

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David Hampton schrieb:
> We need to be more intelligent about adding new gconf keys.  Had that
> new key been added as "hide_splash_screen" instead of
> "show_splash_screen", then the default value for unknown boolean keys
> (i.e. false) would have produced the same behavior after the patch as
> gnucash had before the patch.

But that's only a quick'n'dirty workaround for bool keys, and from a HIG
point of view, "show_splash_screen" is way more understandable than the
negated version (keeping the association "checkbox active" == "some
action will happen"). I guess once a key is introduced, it cannot be
replaced by its opposite later, so in this case this was the way to go.

>> I think the fact that gnucash can't (at runtime) point to gconf 
>> schemas is going to bite us in the long run...
> No application can do this.  Gconf is a client/server architecture where
> the keys are read/written by the gconfd process and passed via an ipc
> mechanism to gnucash.  AFAICT, to do what you propose would require
> bypassing gconfd or just ditching gconf completely and reimplementing a
> private configuration storage mechanism.

Or, as mentioned in ,
the trunk could introduce a new set of gconf keys under the application
name "gnucash-dev" instead of "gnucash". Would that work easy enough?

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