Invoice import - is this possible yet?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 1 13:00:13 EDT 2006

Graham Leggett <minfrin at> writes:

> Christian Stimming wrote:
>> To activate the QSF import again, according to
>> you need to checkout a
>> SVN version of trunk and then revert revision 14147. If you need
>> assistance on how to do it, the easiest way would be to ask on IRC,
> Will give this a try, thanks!
>> *sigh* That's a nice long-term goal, but it is pretty much completely
>> the opposite of how gnucash is currently designed.
> At this point I don't care what the mechanism is, all I care is that 
> it's possible to add "generate me a balance sheet and save it here" or 
> "import these QSF invoices" from a cron job with no X display at all.

I think "generate a balance sheet and save it here" isn't something
that can be easily scripted at this point in time.  Doing this without
an X display is way way far off, at least with gnucash.  Doing the QSF
import may be possible in a medium-term with something like cashutil,
but it's still interactive.

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