OS X/Intel Mac Update (Success!)

Kevin Foss kfoss at adelphia.net
Mon Aug 7 23:44:42 EDT 2006


Inspired by some comments on the darwinports list about bugs in  
libgnomecanvas and Intel Macs, I tried recompiling libgnomecanvas and  
can now successfully open registers and enter transactions in GnuCash  
on my Dual Core iMac.

The darwinports email is here: http://www.opendarwin.org/pipermail/ 

The 'fix' is to recompile libgnomecanvas at optimization level - 
O1.    I adjusted fink's .info file for libgnomecanvas2 accordingly,  
rebuilt and installed the debs, and installed gnucash 2.0.1 from the  
tarball using the wiki instructions for OS X.

Seems to work fine -- registers, reports, etc., and I'm impressed  
with the speed on this machine.

It is still a bit of a work around and it's unclear to me if this is  
a gcc bug (as suggested in the email referenced above) or what... but  
it works!


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