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Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Tue Aug 8 06:11:39 EDT 2006

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Graham Leggett schrieb:
> I have reached the point where Gnucash in it's current form is no longer
> useful, and I have to make a decision to either a) develop the software
> further and submit patches for inclusion into the trunk, or b) drop
> Gnucash and invest the effort in something else.
> So far, evidence suggests that even if I coded up patches, they would be
> rejected, because, as you state very clearly, "this is not out goal for
> Gnucash, period".

What was the original question again? I thought the question was "Can
gnucash be used as a web-based application?" and, as usual on such a
developer list, we imply the question means "can this be done easily?".
The answer is: No, it cannot be done easily, and, as usual on such a
developer list, we imply by this statement that we don't want to spend
(a lot of) our time on this feature because our personal goals for
gnucash are different.

So far you haven't even started to mention that you might be able to
submit code for yourself. Iff you intend to do that, then we are
expecting questions like "I want to do xy. How can it be done the
easiest way?"

We are eagerly awaiting questions or detailed proposals of that kind.

>> Not helpful. It rather seems to me you haven't understood how such a
>> volunteer-based project works at all.
> Having been involved for many years with one of the largest (and oldest)
> volunteer software projects, I would disagree, but then you are free to
> believe what you will.

What will happen if someone asks on, say, dev at httpd.apache.org the
qustion "I'd like the apache webserver to use a graphical user interface
in gtk. Can you help me?"

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