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Conrad Canterford conrad at
Tue Aug 8 08:08:48 EDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-08 at 06:12 -0500, Tom Browder wrote:
> However, in the long term I wonder if there is any interest in going
> another route:
>   -use a cross-platform solution GUI like Qt, fltk2, or wxWidgets
> (please, not java);
>       or perhaps perl or python GUIs
>   -convert the whole C code base to C++
>   -eliminate scheme/guile
>   -use a self-contained Windows package and installer for that version

Unfortunately, that would be an absolutely enormous amount of work (any
of them).

If I remember correctly, gnucash used to have a qt interface - but that
didn't work when I first changed to gnucash 6 or so years ago. It would
be utterly unusable now even if it did still exist. Much the same
applies to any of the other interfaces you suggest. 

Converting to C++ might sound easy, but since you're on the -devel email
list I'm assuming you know just how much code there is in this program
(or can find out). Have a look. There's a lot of it. Conversion is not
going to happen unless the developers are given a really big imperative
for why that have to. (sorry).

Elimination of scheme/guile is about the most likely thing you have
suggested. I know several of the devs would like to see much of the
scheme removed. I doubt that we'll see it all removed in the next
several years, however.

Add to all this the fact that the majority of the developers are linux
users who have no interest in converting to Windows, and I would say
that the probability of this happening is basically zero.



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