[Feature] [Patch] Toolbar button with number of pending scheduled transactions

Andrew Duggan cmkrnl at speakeasy.net
Tue Aug 8 22:08:42 EDT 2006


After reading a recent thread, I thought I might post this.

Basically I felt that the way the scheduled transactions/reminders were 
presented didn't really meet my needs, either to be greeted with a 
scheduled transaction druid or having to select a menu item to launch the 
druid to see if I had some transactions pending.

The following patch produces a new button on the tool bar that displays the 
number pending transactions.  I implemented this back in 1.9.5 and it 
applied up to 2.0.0  (the last I tried) (with a little fuzz.) So far is 
caused me no problems, it is obviously without warranty of any kind, and 
is, of course, GPL.

One one aspect of the patch is the gu_generate_instances function which is 
a duplicate of the generate_instances in the gnome lib, but needed to be in 
the gnome-utils lib. I took the "safe,easy,lazy" way out and duplicated the 
function (and its dependencies), since I didn't know for sure the best way 
to put it into a more correct lib)

I offer the following more as a demonstration solution to that feature request.

I also know that JSled is redoing the entire way the scheduled transactions 
work, so obviously this will go nowhere.  On the other hand,  I have to say 
you guys esp JSled, were very helpful this spring when I was hacking this 

The beauty of free software is that I had everything I needed to be able to 
make gnucash do what I wanted, even if I am the only one that finds it useful.

The icons are based on the calendar icons from the Tango Project 
http://tango-project.org which are licensed under Creative Commons 
Attribution Share-Alike license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/
I know of no other more specific attribution requirements of the Tango 
Project for their icons or derivatives.

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