[Feature] [Patch] Toolbar button with number of pending scheduled transactions

Andrew Duggan cmkrnl at speakeasy.net
Wed Aug 9 08:55:20 EDT 2006

Chris Shoemaker wrote:

> Thanks for the patch, Andrew.  This sounds like a useful feature.  I
> couldn't tell from your email whether you wanted feedback on whipping
> the patch into shape for inclusion, or you were just offering it up
> for the interest of whoever might find it.

Mostly the latter, but not entirely to the exclusion of the former.

> If it's the former, I'd first ask that you note exactly which
> functions and typedefs you copied and from where.  That will make it
> easier to see what factorizations are possible.

The typedefs which are...

typedef enum {} ToCreateState
typedef struct toCreateTuple_ {} toCreateTuple
typedef struct toCreateInstance_ {} toCreateInstance
typedef struct reminderTuple_ {} reminderTuple
typedef struct reminderInstanceTuple_ {} reminderInstanceTuple
typedef struct toDeleteTuple_ {} toDeleteTuple
typedef struct creation_helper_userdata_ {} createData

are from src/gnome/dialog-sxsincelast.c:163-231

The one "copied" function is the
gu_generate_instances() from
generate_instances() in src/gnome/dialog-sxsincelast.c:1693-1775

There is another generate_instances in src/gnome/dialog-scheduledxaction.c, 
but that does something different (as it has different arguments).

Also my function sxsincelast_checkpend() was factored from 
sxsincelast_populate() in src/gnome/dialog-sincelast.c:2103

I needed the guts of the scheduled transaction code (which is 
generate_instances) to be called from src/gnome-utils, (where the toolbar 
and main-window live, as you know) and gnome-utils can't depend on 
libraries in src/gnome where the scheduled transactions stuff lived.


> -chris

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