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Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Fri Aug 11 05:15:17 EDT 2006

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Thomas Bushnell BSG schrieb:
> Let's just make the website modifications because this will help us
> maintain peace.  If RMS makes a truly unreasonable demand in the
> future, we can address that then.  But the current request poses no
> real problems, and so in the interests of comity, I suggest we take
> it up, but without saying that we are doing so in response to his
> message.

*sigh* Thank you very much for this very clear explanation. Obviously
it's in our and GnuCash's best interest to do as you proposed, so as
normal grown-ups we just do it and move on. :-)

For the website text changes, this would result in the attached patch to
index.html. Note we don't have to be considerate of any translations,
because no language except German (by myself) has a translation of the
sentence in question anyway. As for the logo, someone with access to the
source of the gnucash_logo1.png should replace the text accordingly and
upload it. As for Linux->GNU/Linux, this only concerned some old
announcements anyway, and obviously nobody really cares about the
details of old announcements, so I've already changed that. What do the
other developers think?

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