[patch] - Help doc section Usage

Dave Herman dvherman at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 16:03:24 EDT 2006

Attached is an update for the section "Usage" in the Help doc.  It
includes; the complete XML, a diff file, the svn diff (14643), and the
"figures" folder.

I've split the chapter into two; GUI Menus, and Common operations, tools
and Reports.

The Menus section is nearly complete, I believe only descriptions of the
various reports are lacking.

I've added a note to each of the other sections that have not been
completely reviewed for changes in V2.  Hint - any volunteers ?

Each of the Menus sections have links added to quickly jump to a
specific menu/sub-menu description.

Screen-shots were added.

I have run into a bug with "yelp" where the navigation bar comes
"unglued" from the bottom (google for - yelp 5101).
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