r14588 - gnucash/trunk - Remove the majority of the remaining deprecated widgets by collapsing

David Hampton hampton-gnucash at rainbolthampton.net
Mon Aug 14 11:53:36 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 22:02 +0200, Christian Stimming wrote:

> Did these changes also change the behaviour of the "import-main-matcher" so 
> that clicking on the "action" column requires a double-click now instead of a 
> single-click? I'm referring to the place where one chooses either the 
> to-be-reconciled existing transaction, or the target account for a new 
> transaction. The change from single-click to double-click is quite 
> surprising. Are there technical reasons that require this change? If yes, 

Yes.  As far as I can determine, there is no way with a GtkTreeView
widget to determine the cursor column location when the user performs a
single-click, only the cursor row location.  (Double-clicking does
provide column information.)  That meant I had to choose between a
single-click anywhere in the row activating the account selection
dialog, or using a double-click to activate the dialog.  Since the
typical gtk application behavior is that a single-click selects an item
and a double click activates an item, I chose to apply that same
behavior pattern here.  That's why it now takes a double-click to open
the account selection dialog.  BTW, a side effect of this change is that
you can now navigate the transaction matcher dialog with the keyboard.

> then it would have to be documented clearly in multiple places, or otherwise 
> everyone using this regularly will be very confused at the next upgrade.

Has a 2.0 documentation branch been pulled yet?  If so, I will update
the trunk version immediately.


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