Newbie Thoughts

Mark Johnson mrj001 at
Sat Aug 19 22:06:47 EDT 2006

Tom Browder wrote:

>After my first pass at starting a new gnucash data file importing from a 
>QIF file, I see a couple of things that would help me:
>   -If I read the converted file correctly, commodities are carried to 5 
>decimal places by default.  Since several of my account sources are 
>carried to  6 decimal places, I guess I can hand-manipulate that, but it 
>seems that maybe more decimal places should be carried as a default, 
>especially once the use-multiple-currencies thing is implemented.  Maybe 
>it should be a configuration choice (I may have missed it).
I'm assuming you're using 2.0.x.
Try Tools->Security Editor.
Select the security you want to change and click edit.  You will
see an option to adjust the fraction traded.
This can also be done as an account property where you can override the 
security's fraction traded for a specific account.
I found 6 decimals did not work correctly in 1.8.12, but works properly 
in 2.0.0.

>   -Converting from the Quicken (ugh) style to the more rigid accounting 
>structure of gnucash causes problems immediately since Quicken's 
>categories are changed to accounts, but Quicken's top-level account 
>structure is not imported (assets, cash accounts, investments, etc.)
It's been a while since I converted my data, but I think I had to adjust 
this manually to make a nice account hierarchy.  Only has to be done 
once though.


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