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Sun Aug 27 09:22:50 EDT 2006

Am Sonntag, 27. August 2006 02:00 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:
> > Concerning LN_S, this one bites us hard everywhere throughout gnucash. 
> Yeah, this is definitely a problem.  In MOST cases it's only required
> to run gnucash from the build tree.  I'm pretty happy to not worry about
> that here.  

The "gnucash" directory is needed for "make check", though.

> HOWEVER, there's another problem, which is that we really 
> need the "g-wrapped" location....


> I dont think this has to be done from  I think the
> makefiles can (should?) just be changed to do this.  This way we can
> clean it up via "make clean".  I think the only things that need to be
> copied are the g-wrapped scheme files.

See attached patch for gnc-module/

> That's fine.  I've fixed the gnucash configure script to handle this.
> *sighs* All this work to get gsf and goffice to build, and you've got
> binaries.  ;) I guess we should just add an "inst_foo_bin()" function
> to install the binary version of "foo" instead of the source version.
> That way we keep the code that builds it for future reference (or if
> we want to change the dependencies).


> >> I think this is a change that should be made in g-wrap itself.  When
> >> g-wrap generates the file is should output the correct name.
> >
> > Yes, that would be even better -- but OTOH I'm not totally sure
> > whether g-wrap actually knows the SO_MAJOR version number, which is
> > the one in use here. For now, gnucash always uses a zero, but as a
> > general solution... anyway, we only need a solution for ourselves,
> > so that's probably not a problem here.
> Yeah, I think we can assume that we're the only user and that all the
> libraries are major version 0.  It's not like we've use libtool
> library version numbers at all..  (we probably should going forward).
> Hopefully all this will get MUCH easier once we move to swig.  But for
> now I think it's safe to just hard-code "-0" into g-wrap.  Want me to
> work on that, or do you want to work on it?

Could you do that? Thanks.

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